Sustainable Manufacturing with Sunningdale Tech Ltd [EP6] with Simon Tan

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We are joined by Simon Tan, who serves as the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at Sunningdale Tech Ltd. He is responsible for Omni Mold Ltd, the flagship precision tooling subsidiary along with four other full-fledge Tooling Design & Manufacturing units of the Group.

Over the past forty years, Simon’s focus has always been on achieving operational effectiveness, efficiency and excellence through exploration and exploitation of innovative technologies. In this episode, we learn from Simon the framework that he uses for sustainable development and what steps should companies take to ensure that environmental sustainability concerns are considered early in any new innovation projects or ventures, rather than being tackled on at the end.

More about Simon

Simon is responsible for Omni Mold Ltd, the flagship precision tooling subsidiary of SunningdaleTech Ltd along with four other full fledge Tooling Design & Manufacturing of the Group. He is currently spearheading the development and implementation of corporate technology roadmap, developing new innovative engineering solutions as well as leading the company’s i4.0 initiatives to transform the tooling operation into a smart factory. Under his leadership, the tooling operation has invested in advanced manufacturing technologies and innovations which enabled the company to remain as one of the leading plastics engineering company in Singapore and with global footprint.

Simon began his career as an apprentice in 1980 and has worked through the rank and file froma certified craftsman, toolroom supervisor and toolroom manager in 1995, managing both precision mold engineering and manufacturing operations. Being in the tooling industry for over 40 years, his focus has always been achieving operational effectiveness, operational efficiency, and operational excellence through exploration and exploitation of innovative technologies.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons) from University of Bradford, Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Business Efficiency & Productivity, and NationalCertificate In Supervision from National Productivity Board Institution.

More about Sunningdale Tech

Sunningdale Tech Ltd is a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components. The Group provides one-stop, turnkey plastic solutions, with capabilities ranging from product & mould designs, mould fabrication, injection moulding, complementary finishings, through to the precision assembly of complete products.

Boasting a total factory space of more than 3 million sq feet, with more than 1,000 injection moulding machines and a tooling capacity of 2,000 moulds per year, Sunningdale Tech is focusing on serving four key business segments – Automotive/Aerospace, Consumer/IT, Healthcare and Tooling.

With manufacturing facilities across Singapore, Malaysia (Johor, Penang), China (Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, and Chuzhou), Latvia (Riga), Mexico (Guadalajara), India (Chennai), Thailand (Rayong), and Indonesia (Batam), Sunningdale Tech is strategically positioned to target and capture opportunities in diverse business sectors globally.

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