Responsible Investment with Sistema Asia Capital [EP3] with Edward Tay

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We are joined by Edward Tay, CEO and Board Member of Sistema Asia Capital, a registered fund management company with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Being one of the first Russian companies to join the UN Global Compact in 2002, Edward takes us through how that has influenced his investment decisions and what distinguishes responsible investment from traditional investment as he and his team continue to make an impact in emerging markets, as well as shares the type of environmentally sustainable companies Sistema Asia Capital has invested in.

More about Edward

Prior to his current role, Edward has served senior appointments in technology giants such as IBM, British Telecom, Keppel T&T in division that include AI, datacentres and analytics, satelite communicaitons and next-gen mobility networks. He regularly engages the regulatory, business and investment commuities in China on entrepreneurship and sustainbility. He is an avid angel investor since 2000 and presently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Economics, Beijing University and a Fellow in Singapore Centre of Social Enterprise. Edward is the co-founder of the Singapore Sustainability Forum, where he raises awareness and create a shared vision around sustainability. He also volunteers in public libraries, Singapore Red Cross and Singapore Children’s Society.

More about Sistema Asia Capital

Sistema Asia Capital is an Asian based fund management arm of Sistema PJSFC, who operates as an investment holding company and engages in investment globally. Sistema is a Russian conglomerate and one of the top 20 listed companies by revenue in Russia. Its assets include pulp and paper holding Segezha Group, Russia’s largest chain of private healthcare clinics MEDSI, Microelectronics Element, Hi-tech (Sitronics and Aeromax), Pharmaceutical Alium and Sintez.Reach out to Edward via to find out more about his work and opportunities for collaboration. For more information on upcoming events by the Asia Sustainability Forum (ASF), click here