Sustainable Industrial Automation with OMRON [EP8] with Swaminathan Vangal Ramamurthy

Our special guest in this episode of Sustainable Innovation is Swaminathan (Swami) Vangal-Ramamurthy, General Manager of OMRON’s Automation Centre & Robotics for Asia Pacific. Join us as we learn from him about OMRON’s focus on building more sustainable, safer and healthier societies using technology. How does OMRON make use of AI and data to achieve sustainable manufacturing? What goes behind OMRON’s balancing act between remaining technologically competitive and committing to sustainability? View the full episode to find out more.

More About Swami

Swami currently serves as the General Manager of OMRON’s Automation Centre & Robotics for Asia Pacific. Based out of the OMRON Headquarters in Singapore, he leads and provides guidance for OMRON’s regional automation engineering programs. Swami has been instrumental in establishing the Smart Manufacturing “Live Lab” in OMRON, Singapore which introduces a new paradigm in manufacturing using flexible, reconfigurable technology, seamlessly combining autonomous robots with fixed robots tightly integrated with OMRON intelligent controls, vision and safety and linked and visualized by IIoT. He and his team work closely with the regional OMRON Automation centres in South East Asia to evaluate, architect and successfully implement “integrated and connected” smart manufacturing solutions.

Prior to joining OMRON, he managed Asia Pacific business for Adept Technology where he managed large scale autonomous robot programs for various industries and robotic automation projects for electronics market segment.

Swami started his career in robotics at Adept Technology in 2000 in Silicon Valley, California where he focused on advanced robotics applications before moving to Singapore in 2006 to build the robotics applications team in the Asia Pacific region. He and his team in Singapore implemented the first of its kind Cleanroom Autonomous Robot fleet for semiconductor industry and delivered high-end vision guidance technology for automated hard drive assembly.

Swami has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Bharathidasan University, India and a master’s degree in manufacturing systems specializing in Robotics and Automation from University of Texas, Arlington, USA.

More About Omron Asia Pacific

OMRON began life in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. and has come a long way since. Today, its APAC network covers over 11 countries with more than 5,200 employees.

They form the backbone of OMRON as an organization, helping it become a global leader in the field of automation.

From designing factory automation systems for production lines to producing electronic components in some of the world’s most widely used products, OMRON is a manufacturer’s manufacturer, renowned for its Sensing & Control + Think technologies.

A total of four business units support its key specializations. They each propel the fields of Industrial Automation, Electronic & Mechanical Components, Home Healthcare, and Social Solutions.

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