Fostering Sustainable Deep-Tech Innovation with Hello Tomorrow [EP9] with Ernest Xue

In this episode of Sustainable Innovation, we speak with Ernest Xue, CEO of Slate Alt and Head of Hello Tomorrow APAC and learn about his inspirations and how he leverages science and deep technologies to create a better future. What are some deep-tech innovations we could look forward to in the next 5 years? What are the key challenges in sustainable innovation? How can we work together to drive sustainable practices? View the full episode to find out.

More About Ernest

Ernest is the co-founder and CEO of Slate Alt, an investment platform that focuses on deep technology innovations. He also serves as the head of Hello Tomorrow Singapore, part of a global non-profit driving deep-tech innovation and as an advisor to a number of companies. Additionally, he acts as a mentor in a number of national-level technopreneurship programmes. His work primarily revolves around helping highly technical innovations find pathways to market adoption and helping these innovators navigate toward successful exits.

Prior to that, he was with a technology incubator listed on the SGX, where he built the venture arm as a JV with the National Research Foundation and worked on numerous M&A transactions, restructurings and exits for the firm. He was previously also on the investment committee of one of Singapore’s leading wealth management houses, responsible for over $1 billion of assets under administration.

More About Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow originated in Paris, France in the early 2010s as a group of PhD students banding together to support each other’s work (because the European debt crisis would have none of it). Having been run as a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation, Hello Tomorrow has organically grown to become the foremost deep-tech ecosystem globally. Our founding ethos and spirit will never waver – at the heart of everything it is that we do, we advocate for the boldest innovations so that they may sooner become realities. Today, the global organisation remains headquartered in Paris, and Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific serves as one of its 7 hubs around the world. With a dedicated team and some very precious volunteers, we operate primarily from Singapore to serve the Asia Pacific region.

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