The Future of Sustainable Mobility with Continental [EP2] with Yaron Flint

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In this episode, we have the privilege to learn from Yaron Flint, Director and Head of Israeli Operations at co-pace, the startup program of Continental, on how sustainability concerns impact large organizations with over a hundred years of history, why does Israel take such a key role in innovation, as well as how should established corporations work with startups to create tangible value for all parties in the ecosystem.

More about Yaron

With more than 20 years of experience in startup ecosystems, Yaron has worked in strategy, innovation, operations and investments across the globe. He has also spent the past decade working at tier 1 corporations in the autotech sector such as Aptiv and Continental.

More about Co-Pace

As the startup program of Continental, Co-Pace connects with startups to achieve fundamental insights and accelerate experience to achieve radically fast market proof. It’s focus areas include autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, advanced materials, data security, next-generation batteries, advanced propulsion systems and smart cities.

The Co-Pace program provides incubation, corporate innovation as well as venture investment possibilities to broker, empower and leverage connections between startups and businesses at Continental. Co-Pace also facilitates co-creation, from concept to proof of application.

Get in touch with Yaron via to understand more about Co-Pace and how you could collaborate with him.